Island Sparky Electric

Trusted Electrical Professionals

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Island Sparky Electric is the team of professional Long Island electricians you can trust to handle any of your residential or commercial needs. 

Personal Website

Island Sparky Electric is a new electrical services company started by Joe, a professional electrician with over 15 years of experience.

We sat down with Joe and developed an overall digital strategy. Together, we decided that Joe himself would be the strongest element of the company to focus on.

So we captured professional photos and videos with him, in order to design a website with a personalized look and clear Call-to-Action’s.

While most contractor websites are hastily thrown together using stock images, Island Sparky Electric stands out as unique – because who you see on the website and in the videos, is the same man you deal with in person.

This website is also ready to be upgraded at anytime into a marketing-based website, for digital advertising in the future.

Steve Hendershaw
Marketing Expert
& Project Manager


“OceanBlueDigital was very responsive to my needs and desires throughout the website process. Steve and Andrew work fast, and customize everything to your specific situation. Initially I wanted a simple website, but Steve showed me the value in taking time with photos and videos before starting the web development. I’m very happy that my website has a personal look and is much better than my initial vision.”



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